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The control room holds 20 people for presentations      

The 80mm apo is mounted¬†above the LX850 and is dwarfed by the monster.  

Andy and his sons along with Ed, helped mount the LX 850 on the pier…so good to have such knowledgable help!! Big thank you to all!!

Aaron and I (with our wives) went to Wieser Idaho for the eclipse. This shot is with my 80mm apo

Finished August 9, 2017! Now just a few details inside and I am ready to go…

Paving around the property will ensure ease of access to the observatory

I love the colour of the pier! It matches the Meade mount. The floor is tiled with rubber mat to help in case of dropped equipment

The observatory has both heat and air-conditioning for comfort in all Canadian seasons

Easy access from the observing pit to the observing deck

The inside track is to stabilize in the wind with the heavy wheels on the other side of the beam to move the roof