About Us

  • Eagle Butte Observatory

    I really need to build a real observatory
  • Location Secure

    This really is the best place on the property to build!!!
  • Ground Breaking May 11, 2017

  • Hole 7 feet deep 2 feet wide

  • Now the neighbours are talking..what is he building??!

  • A lot of Concrete

    Thats a lot of concrete 32'x16' building plus 8'x16' observing pad    
  • The 14′ LX850 has arrived!!

  • Assembly Time

    Aaron Dittrich is actually enjoying this! I am So happy he is here to help me with this.
  • New Telescopes

    These are the telescopes for the new observatory:
    • 14" LX850 Meade
    • 10" Orion Dob
    • 152mm Explore Scientific AC refractor
  • Observatory sits at the back of our 3.25 acre property
  • Unlike many who build their own observatories, I have no (less than zero) ability to do this so I hired the best company in town to help me.
  • In the observatory pit looking toward the control room
  • The control room is insulated but the¬†observatory pit is not

  • The pier is separated from the rest of the building by a styrofoam barrier
  • I wanted the observatory roof to disappear under the control room roof...not an easy engineering feat
  • The inside track is to stabilize in the wind with the heavy wheels on the other side of the beam to move the roof
  • Easy access from the observing pit to the observing deck
  • The observatory has both heat and air-conditioning for comfort in all Canadian seasons
  • I love the colour of the pier! It matches the Meade mount. The floor is tiled with rubber mat to help in case of dropped equipment
  • Paving around the property will ensure ease of access to the observatory
  • Finished August 9, 2017! Now just a few details inside and I am ready to go...
  • Aaron and I (with our wives) went to Wieser Idaho for the eclipse. This shot is with my 80mm apo
  • Andy and his sons along with Ed, helped mount the LX 850 on the pier...so good to have such knowledgable help!! Big thank you to all!!
  • The 80mm apo is mounted¬†above the LX850 and is dwarfed by the monster.  
  • The control room holds 20 people for presentations